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Welcome to jenner-girls.com,  a fansite for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Kylie and Kendall are from the popular tv show "Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Please feel free to explore the site. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

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A Good Start
So i have updated the gallery. I have added a ton of albums to fill in the gallery, I'm try to catch up but there is a lot of work to do. Today I added photos from two photoshoot Kendall and Kylie did for Topshop in 2015. I also added pictures from their photoshoot they did For Their Kendall Kylie Pacson Line for Spring 2016.
Posted on 21 Jan 2016 by holli
New Updates
Hey everyone and welcome to 2016!! I know this site is lacking a lot of updates. I am starting to work on it again. I have made a few updates to the gallery. I did want to say I am sorry for the amount of gaps in the updates. I have a part time job and am a full time caregiver for a family member. My time is very limited. I will update as much as possible.
Posted on 15 Jan 2016 by holli
New/Old Pics
I have added a bunch of pictures to the gallery.
Posted on 22 Sep 2015 by holli
Im Back
Today I have added about 40 old pics to the gallery. More will be posted later.
Posted on 20 Aug 2015 by holli
I'm so sorry about the lack of updates but I promise I haven't forgot about the site. My mom had to have a major heart surgery and has been in the hospital for almost a month. Thank goodness the caught the problem in time and everything is okay now. She is home, resting, and improving everyday. So updates will be soon. Thanks for understanding.

Posted on 20 May 2015 by holli
I'm Back!!!!!
Hey guys I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. Good news is the site will be updated tomorrow. I finally got a new computer. Yay!! Check Back Tomorrow!!
Posted on 15 Mar 2015 by holli
Welcome To 2015
Well 2015 is here and my New Years resolution was to work on the site more and to do it justice. So far this is off to a bad start. My computer is down once again but im hoping to get a new one by the end of this month when my tax money comes in. So hopefully i will be back soo.
Posted on 16 Feb 2015 by holli
Back Next Month
So sorry for the lack of updates but I am still without a computer. I am hoping to get a new one in January! Thanks for you patience!
Posted on 22 Dec 2014 by holli
No Computer:(
So sorry for the lack of updates. I know I said they would be more often and I had every intention of that happening. Unfortunately my computer crashed almost a month ago and I am waiting for it to be repaired, Until then the updates will be when ever I have the resources to update.
Posted on 18 Nov 2014 by holli
New Pics
I added some new pictures to the 2014 Candid section of the gallery.
Posted on 17 Oct 2014 by holli
So the site has pretty much been on a long hiatus! This should be ending soon. I finally have my work schedule under control. My school life and family life has finally calmed down some so I am back. I am a huge Kendall and Kylie Fan so I don't want to let this site go!! I am going to work hard to bring it back to the site I wanted it to be. I added a few photos today but that is just a start. I have a lot of days off this week and I'm hoping to be able to update the site more. I have tons of things to add. So I will probably be posting again within the next couple of days. Stay tuned!!

Posted on 18 Sep 2014 by holli
Im Back
Yay Summer is almost over so I should be back more. My sisters will be going back to school in two weeks so I will be able to update more. I have been working and babysitting because they have been out of school. Now I get to have a break so bring on the back to school shopping madness wink!!! Updates Are Coming I Promise tongue!!
Posted on 18 Aug 2014 by holli
Working On Updates
I have added about 35 pictures to the candids section from 2014. I have lot of updates to do and they should be done soon.
Posted on 18 Jul 2014 by holli
I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last update you guys. I am so sorry but I will be better. I already have tons of pictures saved to a disc for gallery updates for you that I will add next week when I go on vacation from work. I did a small gallery update today.
Posted on 18 Jun 2014 by holli
Site Update
I know the site updates have been super slow but they are coming. I have tons of pics saved to add I just have to find the time to add them. This site will be updated really soon. In the mean time I have added 27 pictures to the gallery so go check those out.
Posted on 17 May 2014 by holli
I just made a small update on the gallery with more to come soon!
Posted on 17 Apr 2014 by holli
More Pics And More Coming
So I am trying my best to get the gallery up to date. My work schedule is extremly crazy right now so please bare with me. laughing

2013 Candids

x011~12/07/2013-Kendall Out And About In NYC HQ
x010~12/09/2013-Kendall At Jenner Communications HQ
x009~12/09/2013-Kendall Leaving Noah's Bagel Shop HQ
x026~12/12/2013-Kendall At A Auto Shop HQ
x017~12/12/2013-Kendall At CVS HQ
x030~12/12/2013-Kendall At LAX HQ
x024~12/12/2013-Kylie Out In LA HQ
x028~12/15/2013-Kylie Out And About In West Hollywood HQ
x035~12/18/2013-Arriving At A Medical Center HQ
x048~12/18/2013-In West Hollywood HQ
x006~12/22/2013-Kendall Leaving Starbucks In Calabasas HQ
x009~12/24/2013-Kylie Running Errands In LA HQ
Posted on 02 Mar 2014 by holli
New Updates
So first off I am sorry that the site has been lacking in updates but I have been supper busy! I have updated the gallery and have a ton more updates to post so stay tuned.

x009~11/11/2013-Kendall Leaving All Sports Film Festival Gala HQ
x042~11/12/2013-Kylie Out In LA HQ
x027~11/16/2013-Kendall At LAX HQ
x015~11/18/2013-Kendall In NYC HQ
x032~11/19/2013-Kendall At LAX HQ
x017~11/20/2013-Kylie At Jenner Communications HQ
x010~11/23/2013-Kendall At The Gym HQ
x025~11/23/2013-Kylie Shopping HQ
x016~11/27/2013-Leaving Westfield Mall HQ
x011~11/29/2013-Kendall Leaving The Gym HQ
x017~11/29/2013-Kylie In LA HQ
X016~11/30/2013-Kylie Going To Sugarfish HQ
x028~11/30/2013-Kylie Leaving Laque HQ
x030~12/01/2013-Kylie In LA HQ
X013~12/03/2013-Kendall At The Gym HQ
Posted on 20 Feb 2014 by holli
We will have updates in a few days! Stay Tuned!!
Posted on 12 Feb 2014 by holli
New Pics
I have added new pics to the gallery!! Check them out and more this week!
Posted on 04 Jan 2014 by holli
The gallery will be updated tomorrow.
Posted on 04 Dec 2013 by holli
Happy Birthday!
Happy 18th Birthday Kendall Jenner! Hope your day is amazing and all your wishes come true!
Posted on 03 Nov 2013 by holli
More Pictures
This is part two of the Gallery Update. laughing
x033-Huberts Lemonade During A Summer BBQ
X004-Looking Great In Kardashian Khaos
x037-Wearing Dittos Jeans
x005-Before A Press Appearance
x006-Carmar Photoshoot
x005-Kendall Genlux Photoshoot
x003-Kendall Lovecat Photoshoot
x003-Kendall Raine Magazine Photoshoot
x008-Kendall Vogue Magazine
x017-Kendall Hubert's Lemonade Photoshoot

x033-Kendall Signing Copies Of Raine Magazine
x020-Sherri Hill Runway
x015-Abbey Dawn Fashion SHow
x012-Kylie Abbey Dawn Fashion Show
x031-ULTA Beauty Stores Donate With A Kiss
x012-Kendall Jenner's 17th Birthday Party
x091-KIIS FM Jingle Ball
x037-Kendall And Kylie Collection Fall Preview
Posted on 14 Oct 2013 by holli
The Gallery Is Back!
Thanks to Aaron the gallery is now back up. I have added alot of new pictures. I have alot more to update but will be doing a little at a time until my next day off from work.
x018-Kylie Leaving A Justin Bieber Concert
x004-Kendall Arriving At Sydney International Airport
x020-Kendall At A Photoshoot At Darling Hotel
x008-Kendall Arriving At Sydney Internation Airport
x009-Kendall Arriving At LAX From Australia
x018-Arriving At The Sex Of X-Factor
x010-Vacation In Greece
x001-Vacation In Greece
x004-Vacation In Greece
x020-Kendall Leaving Andy LeCompte Salon
x036-Kendall Leaving Pacsun NY
x033-In Malibu
x013-Kendall Out And About In Calabasas
x006-Kendall Out And About In LA
x012-Kendall LAX Departure
x028-Kylie Out And About In LA
x003-Kylie Out And About In NY
x006-Leaving Pacsun In NY
x015-Kylie's Birthday Dinner In Malibu
Posted on 14 Oct 2013 by holli
Gallery Issues
Hey all we have been having some problems with the gallery this month. The site should be back in order as soon as we fix these problems.
Posted on 26 Sep 2013 by holli
Updates Galore
I have added 229 more pictures to the gallery today. Be sure to check them out!

Candids~2013~04~Kylie Leaving Trump Hotel In NY
Candids~2013~16~Kendall Out And About HQ
Candids~2013~29~Kendall And Kylie Stop For Sushi
Candids~2013~08~Kylie At The Movies With Jaden Smith
Candids~2013~12~Kylie At Pinkberry
Candids~2013~36~At Starbucks Special Thanks to www.fan-girl.org for these!

Events~2013~08~Launch Of Kendall And Kylie Collection HQ
Events~2013~19~Kylie At The 26th Annual Nick Kids Choice Awards
Events~2013~20~Kylie At 2013 MTV Movie Awards
Events~2013~34~102.7 KIIS FM Wango Tango
Events~2013~05~Kylie At After Earth Premiere In NY HQ
Events~2013~15~Kendall At Lone Signal Launch In NY HQ
Events~2013~23~Kendall At The Sugar Factory Grand Opening NY HQ
Posted on 27 Aug 2013 by holli
New Pics
I added about 40 pics to the gallery. Kendall and Kylie have been really busy since my little break. I am going to try to get it all updated within the week hopefully! More to come!!!
Candids~2013~09~Kendall Leaving The Arclight Theatre~HQ
Candids~2013~07~Kylie Leaving Her Hotel In NY
Candids~2013~15~Kylie Getting Pizza At Bleecker Street Pizza NY~HQ
Candids~2013~09~Kylie At Starbucks In NY~HQ
Candids~2013~08~Kylie Out Shopping With Friends In NY~HQ
Posted on 26 Aug 2013 by holli
Kendall and Kylie have both been super busy lately. I will bringing you all the latest news later.
Posted on 24 Aug 2013 by holli
I will be adding updates to the gallery all day. Don't forget to check them out!
Posted on 24 Jul 2013 by holli
So sorry for the lack of updates. Been way too busy. Updates Tomorrow!
Posted on 18 Jun 2013 by holli
Lots of new updates coming soon!!!
Posted on 18 Apr 2013 by holli
Kendall And Kylie Kollection
I have added over 80 pictures from Kendall and Kylie's photoshoot from their Pacsun Line Kendall And Kylie Kollection. I have also added a lot of candid pictures to the gallery. Kendall and Kylie have been very busy lately. Unfortunately I have been so busy with work and family I am now trying to play catchup with everything. More updates to follow.
Posted on 16 Mar 2013 by holli
Kendall And Kylie Have been Busy
Kendall and Kylie Jenner were both In NY for a fashion show and their clothing line release. I have updated the gallery with some of the pictures from their time there.
X042~At The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion Show Red Carpet
x023~At The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion Show Backstage
x034~At The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion Show Runway
x002~Kendall and Kylie On The View
x014~Kendall and Kylie On Good Morning America

More gallery updates later on today!
Posted on 18 Feb 2013 by holli
2012 Candid Albums Updated
I have added about 100 pictures to the 2012 Candid Albums.
x007~9/30/2012 Kylie At Temple House In Miami
x002~9/30/2012 Kylie Going To Dinner At Prime 112 Restaurant In Miami
x014~10/1/2012 Kylie Leaving Her Hotel In Miami
x022~10/2/2012 Kylie Arriving At LAX
X011~10/2/2012 Kylie Leaving A Justin Bieber Concert
X006~10/3/2012 Arriving At A Justin Bieber Concert In LA
X017~11/21/2012 Going To X Factor
x010~12/12/2012 Kendall Getting Baja Fresh
x018~12/21/2012 Kylie At Urth Caffe
Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by holli
2012 Events Gallery Update
I have updated a number of the 2012 Event Albums.
x001~7/22/2012 Kendall At The Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat
x009~7/22/2012 Staples For Students Event
x032~7/22/2012 Teen Choice Awards
x015~8/2/2012 Seventeen Magazine Signing
x008~8/18/2012 Raine Magazine Singning
x049~8/23/2012 ULTA For 21 Days Of Beauty
x023~9/5/2012 Fashion's Night Out
x034~9/7/2012 At Sherri Hill Fashion Show Runway
x036~9/7/2012 At Sherri Hill Fashion Show Backstage
x012~9/9/2012 Abbey Dawn Fashion Show Arrivials
x005~9/9/2012 Abbey Dawn Fashion Show Runway
x032~9/11/2012 Visiting Dash NY
x010~9/11/2012 Tumbler And Tipsy Fashion Show Arrivals And Backstage
x011~9/11/2-12 Tumbler And Tipsy Fashion Show Runway
x028~10/12/2012 ULTA Beauty Stores Donate With A Kiss
x075~11/11/2012 Nomad Two Worlds Book Launch
x030~12/3/2012 KIIS FM Jingle Ball
x043~12/5/2012 Visiting Kardashian Khaos At The Mirage
x016~12/24/2023 Kardashian Christmas Eve Party
Posted on 29 Jan 2013 by holli
I added 65 pictures of Kylie when she was in Miami to the gallery!
Posted on 26 Dec 2012 by holli
Pics And News
So the gallery is going to be updated tonight and tomorrow!!

News: Kendall and Kylie Jenner have signed on for another fashion project. The youngest from the Kardashian-Jenner brood are teaming up with PacSun for an eponymous juniors collection. The Kendall and Kylie collection will be available in February 2013 with prices running up to $79.50. laughing
Posted on 19 Nov 2012 by holli
Sorry For Lack Of Updates
I have been working almost everyday at my job and the site has paid the price sad!! I will be updating the site very soon! Again I am so sorry!!
Posted on 19 Oct 2012 by holli
Updates Soon
I have added a couple of pics to the gallery and a huge update is coming when I get back from my trip!
Posted on 20 Sep 2012 by holli
I have added some of Kylie's Instagram pictures. Lots more updates coming in the next few days! smile
Posted on 20 Aug 2012 by holli
More Modeling Jobs
Kendall Jenner is now the face Of Beverly Center's Fashion's Night Out Ads!

Kendall and Kylie are both Modeling For Sherri Hill again!

Photos Soon!!
Posted on 21 Jul 2012 by holli
Kendall and Kylie Book Deal
Kendall and Kylie have inked a book deal for young adult readers due out Summer 2013.

Heres more from VH1.com: Their debut novel, intended for the young-adult reader, is set 200 years in the future and will involve two sisters shocker! Fans of successful YA series like Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games, they are hoping their book will draw in a similar following.
Posted on 21 Jul 2012 by holli
Congrats Kourtney and Scott
Kendall and Kylie are now aunts again to their niece Penelope Scotland Disick born July 8, 2012!
Posted on 21 Jul 2012 by holli
Gallery Update
I have added about 100 pictures to the gallery.

036x~Kendall and Kylie In Malibu
005x~Kendall and Kylie Out In LA
008X~Kylie and Friends On Segways In Calabasas
021x~Kylie at Calabasas Commons With Khloe
004x~At Health Nut In Woodland Hills
011x~Kendall At A Beach In Malibu
012x~Lunch In Malibu
Posted on 21 Jul 2012 by holli
Huge Gallery Update!
I have added over 500 pictures to the gallery. Be sure to check them all out! smile
-x011-Kendall At A Photoshoot
-x014-Kendall Grabbing Some Food
-x014-Leaving Vegas
-x072-At Cody Simpson's Release Party
-x024-Going To Cody Simpson's Party
-x004-Leaving Grauman's Chinese Theater
-x054-Kylie At Ryan Ochoa's 16th Birthday Party
-x024-At The Beach In Hollywood
-x008-Arriving At The Hotel In Hollywood
-x004-At Brandon and Leah's Wedding
-x017-Arriving Back In LA
-X006-Kylie At The 6th Annual Kidstock Music & Arts Festival
-x012-Kendall Out In Calabasas
-x033-Having Hubert's Lemonade During A Summer BBQ
-x013-In Black And White Dresses
-x016-Shopping In West Hollywood
-x041-Out With Friends
-x018-Kylie With Zoe In Calabasas
-x011-Forever 21 By Hello Kitty Event
-x039-On Vacation In La Romania Dominican Republic
-x003-Kylie And Cody At The Movies
-x102-Dolphin Trainers For A Day
-x012-At Stack's Restaurant
-x021-At The Beatles Love At The Mirage Hotel
Posted on 23 Jun 2012 by holli
Sorry for the site being down.
Sorry for the site being down, but were back. Once again we have lost all the previous news headlines but lucky for us we havent lost all the images. We now have over 1,000 images in our Gallery with more to come :D
Thanks for coming back
Posted on 26 May 2012 by Aaron
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